Psychometric Assessment

It is all about the fit. We match the round peg with the round hole.

SLA provides answers to these questions:

  • Which candidate is the best fit for the job?
  • Why is this individual not motivated?
  • Why does this individual not fit into our culture?
  • Why are my supervisors/managers so transactional and only task oriented?
  • Why is this team performing so well/poorly?
  • Why is this individual contributor/supervisor/manager performing so well/poorly?
  • Can I influence this individual’s attitude or behaviour?
  • Why are my senior staff operating at lower levels?
  • Why did this individual derail?
  • Why is this individual highly disruptive?
  • Why are my staff sufficient but not effective?
  • What will be the most appropriate development programme for this individual?

How do we answer these questions?

We get to know your culture and business reality.

Where required, we do a site visit to familiarise ourselves firsthand what the problem is – to see it through our ‘filters’.

We score, interpret and construct report/s.

We explore your people-and talent management strategy.

We design the most appropriate assessment battery for the problem to be solved and clear that with you.

We provide feedback – on paper and in person if required.

We design with you or get a detailed Job profile from you.

We administer – It can take from a few hours up to a day depending the nature of the battery.

The 6-month review process identifies any requirements for changes to the measurement.

What can you gain from psychometric assessments?


Improved recruitment process efficiency. The most by suitable candidates are identified early in the recruitment process, reducing cost and time inputs.


Standardise and promote fair and equitable labour practices.


Informed talent management decisions made by providing enabled by additional, objective information.


Accurately gauge individual potential, not just skills gaps.


Client focused, sustainable practices with maximum gain from your investment.

What do we provide?


Many years experience in the field of people assessments.

Assessment tools

Broad catalogue of assessment tools (acknowledged by the South African Health Professions Council)

Assessment batteries

Interchangeable assessment batteries tailored to your need.


Our expertise from our highly specialized and accredited psychologists.

Holistic view

A holistic view of your employees so that you can make transparent and informed decisions.


We assess all levels of staff.